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Ted Rhoades' Book on (Papua) New Guinea

There are some strong connections with (Papua) New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the South West Pacific area. At some stage we will publish an updated edition of Ted Rhoades' book:

"Taim Bolong Masta Gutpela Taim Bolong Niugini
- The Good Time During the Australian Administration of New Guinea"

which documents the exploits of Frederick Ashton Rhoades in the Solomon Islands and New Guinea and later Ted Rhoades' activities.

The Table of Contents of the book follows:

  • About the Author
  • Special Thanks
  • Introduction
  • PART 1 - The Rhoades Forebears
  • Chapter 1 - Frederick Rhoades, My Grandfather
  • Chapter 2 - Frederick Ashton Rhoades in the Solomon Islands
  • Chapter 3 - Edison Rankin Rhoades, My Father
  • PART 2 - Footsteps: Life on a Copra Plantation in the Admiralty Islands in the 1950's
  • Chapter 4 - Ted Rhoades
  • Chapter 5 - Watercraft Section on Pak Plantation
  • Chapter 6 - Discovering the Admiralty Islands
  • Chapter 7 - My first experiences as Manager of Pak Plantation
  • Chapter 8 - Emergencies and Medical Problems
  • Chapter 9 - Relinquishing My Post as Manager
  • Chapter 10 - Pak, N'Drova and M'Buke
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix Information - History, Characters, The Manus Canoe, The Wantok System, Tok Pisin, Cargo Cults, Payback, Betel Nut, Smoking, NG Dunny, Bombing Fish, Volcanos
  • Glossary 1950's
  • Postscript
  • References