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The initial focus for the site are the three brothers:

Frederick Ashton Rhoades - my paternal GrandUncle (above right)
Edison Rankin Rhoades - my paternal GrandFather (above centre)
Gordon Pegus Rhoades - my paternal GrandUncle

and the relatives descending from those three people. Most of the relatives are in Australia but the genealogy extends back to England and Europe and out to the USA and the South West Pacific. There is a strong connection with (Papua) New Guinea and the Solomon Islands because of WWII and the aftermath.


When I was young there were only three "Rhoades" in the Sydney phone book - they were my father and his two brothers. There are more these days and, I guess we must be related, but we haven't worked out how yet . . my paternal Great Grandfather lived in Chatswood - I wonder if he had a phone . .

Frederick Ashton Rhoades

Non-World Wars stuff to follow.

Edison Rankin Rhoades

Non-World Wars stuff to follow.

Gordon Pegus Rhoades

Stuff to come . .

South West Pacific

There are a few strong connections with (Papua) New Guinea / Solomon Islands and the South West Pacific, firstly via Frederick Ashton ("Snowy"), then Edison and finally Ted Rhoades.

Frederick Ashton Rhoades

The Diary of Lieutenant Commander Frederick Ashton Rhoades RANVR in the Solomons Islands

My Kindle Highlights of Mentions of Snowy in the book: "The Coast Watchers: The Men Behind Enemy Lines Who Saved the Pacific"

Edison Rankin Rhoades

World Wars stuff to follow.

Raymond Edward (Ted) Rhoades

At some stage we will publish an updated edition of Ted Rhoades' (my uncle) book:

"Taim Bolong Masta Gutpela Taim Bolong Niugini
- The Good Time During the Australian Administration of New Guinea"

which documents the exploits of Frederick Ashton Rhoades in the Solomon Islands and New Guinea and later Ted Rhoades' activities.

The Table of Contents of the book follows:

Personal Accounts of Individuals

Whittet:Rhoades, Jesse Doreen - Gerald Rhoades
Whittet:Rhoades, Jesse Doreen - Philip Rhoades


From this page I want to eventually have access to a full genealogy system - but maybe I will stick with a third party site? Here is what has been done so far:

Phil's Ancestors

Latest news - last updated 2018-09-30


Moved from an old Ruby on Rails site to a plain HTML site with just an accordion structure - I might change to something more sophisticated later if I can find some time to do more work on the site.


A few minor changes made to the site when the site had to be moved to another server. Also, after myself and a number of my immediate family signed up with 23andMe (see link in sidebar) we hope to be able to track down more distant relatives via genetic markers.


After discussions with my father (Gerald Frederick Rhoades - first photo above on the left) and my uncle (Raymond Edward [Ted] Rhoades), we decided to launch a new web site that will consist of all the information (genealogical and other) that we have within the immediate family and then add to it with more research and with input from more distant relatives.

Contact Information:

E-mail: phr AT rhoadesfamily DOT org

Mail: PO Box 896 Cowra NSW 2794 Australia

Feedback?: Phil's Projects Discussion Forum

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